Client: Afghanistan Social and Empowerment of Women Organization

Task: Website Development & Design

Designer: E Light Developers

ASEWO was established by a group of Afghan young women who have served

in various capacities to respond the needs of communities, particularly women

and youth which makes up more than half of Afghan population. Founding

members have years of professional, qualified and dedicated experience in

working for safer, prosperous, poverty free and stable communities.

In 2008 ASEWO was established in the city of Farah as women social advocacy

foundation (WSAFA) focusing on non-formal and formal education areas,

advocacy and civic education. The founders understood their historical duty

of re-building Afghanistan and therefore focused on education and community

development activities. Education is the only remedy to poverty, conflict and

insurgency. The educational center offered short and long term courses to

supplement participants’ efforts in preparing for their studies in schools. In

2011, three years after the Institute served the education community, the

founders had to respond to another pressing demand of its members to set

up it’s as an Afghan Local NGO to serve in a wide range around the country.

ASEWO substantially focused on capacity development and quality assurance

of development programs.

ASEWO is established by qualified and dedicated youth of Afghanistan in an

innovative approach to not only serve the people of Afghanistan but also take

the best practices, expertise, initiatives and lessons learnt beyond the borders of